Are you super tired from work? I’ve got 10 simple things that will boost your energy in 10 minutes or less!

When I was researching this post, all the advice for boosting energy and productivity seemed to be the same.

It was all about how to hustle even when you don’t feel like it.

“Do more. Hustle more. Just be better. Just stop being tired. You’re just lazy and don’t want it bad enough. Sleep more. Exercise more. Spend time with people that boost your energy.”


Even the advice for when you’re tired from work is overwhelming.

Well, I’m putting my foot down. I’m pretty anti-hustle.

Increasing your energy is not about how to get as much done as possible and boost productivity.

This is about you and enjoying life more and not just letting work beat your vitality down.

Ready for some easy ways to stop feeling tired from work? Keep reading!

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Energy Boosting Tips to Stop Feeling Tired From Work

1) Wrap Around Exercise

This is a super quick exercise!

I first heard about wrap arounds From Karina More who teaches people how to reset their posture and face muscles when they are tense.

Wrap arounds help to reset your shoulders and increase blood circulation. Perfect for that afternoon slump! Don’t do this too late in the evening or you might struggle to fall asleep.

Stand in a neutral position, and swing your arms around your body to gently slap your shoulder blades. Do this for about a minute, as many times as you like throughout the day.

2) Delay Your Coffee Intake

it is actually best to have your first coffee at about 9:30am!

Your body naturally produces cortisol which is a hormone that wakes you up.

Cortisol peaks between 8am and 9am. Coffee is less effective when cortisol levels are high.

That’s why it is better to ignore your coffee cravings until 9:30am.

Obviously you can do a bit of experimentation to figure out optimal times for you personally!

3 people holding coffee together because they're tired from work

3) Set Your Alarm Earlier

This might seem counter-intuitive if you’re tired but hear me out.

If you get out of bed slightly earlier than usual, you can spend a few calm, quiet, unrushed moments with yourself. That way no matter what happens that day

Starting the day slow helps to re-set your central nervous system. Say you feel tired and unproductive. You might compensate by rushing. However, this tells your body to constantly react to stress. Rushing is a great way to burn out!

Slow down by getting up just a little bit earlier and give yourself time to enjoy a few moments.

4) Support Your Adrenals

Next is to support your adrenals. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor! This is from my own research and support from holistic practitioners. Please do your own research before taking any supplements.

So your adrenal glands are responsible for distributing macronutrients like fat and protein, regulating sugar and inflammation, promoting cardiovascular function and reacting to stressors. You can see how supporting your adrenals and fatigue go hand in hand with increasing energy!

There is some discussion about whether adrenal fatigue is a recognized medical condition, and there is a lot of overlap with burnout, but the symptoms can still be very real. It can look like fatigue, lack of motivation, cravings and difficulty getting to sleep. It can happen when your adrenal glands are unable to meet the demands of stress.

Supplements I take are:

  • Withania AKA ashwaghanda daily to fight brain fog (it can also improve sexual function in women
  • B Vitamins for Energy
  • Magnesium and tart cherry for better sleep
  • Vitamin C to support my immune system

All of these give my body a fighting chance when things are getting busy or stressful!

5) Get Some Sunlight

This doesn’t mean you have to go for a long walk or do anything, literally just being out in the sunlight.

Sunlight and fresh air is simple way to get through that afternoon slump and improve vitality.

I recently saw a short video by Sky Mckee and he said
“If you are emotionally tired, take a break. Can’t take a break? Take a moment. And if you can’t take a moment then you need to change your routine.”

If you can’t get outside by yourself then we have a much longer conversation coming after this blog post!

woman walking outside building in sun because she's tired from work

6) Write What You Are Looking Forward To

Sometimes it can feel like work is all-consuming. Take 5 minutes to write down things that are happening outside of work that make you happy and you are looking forward to.

7) Pick ONE Thing

If you are already tired, don’t compensate by pushing yourself even harder. Pick ONE important task and then whatever else happens is a bonus.

8) Stop Before You’re Finished

If you’re tired from work, stop. Even if there is still something on your to do list.

This achieves several things.

Firstly, it teaches you how to prioritize what’s important. Do you ACTUALLY need to get that done today or can it wait?

Secondly it is going to teach you to listen to your body rather than your to do list.

Are you forcing yourself to keep going even though you don’t want to?

9) Listen To Focus Music

I get it- sometimes you’re super tired and you genuinely just need to get something done. For those days I recommend picking a couple of things from this list and then work with focus music in your headphones.

Music is a cognitive enhancer because it uses both the left and right side of your brain. However, it is best to use calm, slow tempos to avoid further distraction. I have a focus music playlist on my YouTube channel which includes a 5 minute focus for when you just need an extra push for productivity.

10) Just Don’t

I’m not a fan of forcing yourself to do things you don’t have if you don’t have energy.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is actually to do nothing.

Your quality of work and mental clarity will come back even stronger if you take a break when you need it and you will therefore be less tired overall! It is all about prioritizing yourself and listening to what your body actually needs instead of forcing yourself to get stuff done when you are already overwhelmed.

Final Tips for Boosting Energy and Being Tired From Work

As much as I love these tips for when you’re exhausted at work, they are only the beginning. In reality, setting boundaries, putting yourself first and having better work life balance are the answer!

Need help with better work life balance? Check out my work life balance resources!