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*Married AF Membership*

For married and engaged women who want ongoing support to prioritise their marriage, to be challenged to grow their love and commitment every day, and learn how to be Married AF (not turning into roommates!)

Tough Love incoming...

When they said marriage was hard work...

You probably weren’t ready for just how much work it really was.

Like who knew that you could fight over the right way to wipe down the kitchen or whether they breathe too loudly.

The thing is, you don’t have to be that couple.  You don’t have to be the couple that fights over silly little things.

You’re ready to put in the energy, love and commitment that it takes to have long-lasting love and connection with your husband, to have the kind of marriage that other people look up to and the kind of marriage that makes you excited to be alive.

But how exactly do you figure out how to get there?

You love talking things out with your husband, but sometimes you just need a girls night to ask blatant questions like

"Lucy will call you out in love!"

“I love that Lucy is really honest and 100% on your side to help you live your best life! She will call you out and be like girl… and it’s the love punch you needed! Because it all comes from a place of love its easier to hear!”

- kirsten


Chances are, you aren’t the only one that has marriage questions- we’re all in this together!

Raw, real life advice from coaches who have been there themselves and have helped other couples through their issues

Why did no one warn us how hard it is to meet new friends as an adult! Let’s fill up that social calendar 

Being married (or in a long term relationship) is a whole other ball game to dating- and we love it! 



The Married AF Membership

The online group for married women to build their relationship with non-judgmental support and start prioritising TF out of marriage 

Your Monthly Membership Includes:




Married AF Facebook Community

The members only Facebook group is where you can connect and ask questions in a judgement-free zone. You’ll also have access to 


  • ✔️ Exclusive Behind The Scenes content in Lucy’s marriage
  • ✔️ Bonus tutorials from other coaches 
  • ✔️ First access to in person social events 




Monthly Online Coaching calls

You can join the Married AF Membership from anywhere in the world and get hot seat coaching from Lucy. Every month we’ll have virtual coaching calls to hang out with other married women and get real-life advice on marriage


  • ✔️ Ice breaker questions 
  • ✔️ Meet other married women in the same life stages as you
  • ✔️ Q&A coaching with Lucy 




In Depth Marriage Masterclasses

Every month, Lucy will be teaching on a different marriage topic, everything from money to sex to ethical non-monogamy to self-love in marriage


  • ✔️ Bonus guest coaches on specialized topics 
  • ✔️ Stand alone value of $97 per masterclass for one monthly fee
  • ✔️ Masterclass library so you can watch as soon as you sign up/if you miss one 




Community Of Married Women

You are not alone in your marriage. Chances are, other women have been through the same things! Being part of a community like this is an investment in yourself and your marriage 

  • ✔️ Long term commitment to your marriage long after the wedding and honeymoon phase
  • ✔️ Ask questions to other women in the same life stages as you 
  • ✔️ Ask questions you don’t know how to Google and actually work through them inside the Facebook group 




In Person Social Events

Live in Auckland? Come along to a Married AF social event! Members get special benefits (as well as a group of married besties!) 


  • ✔️ Live social meet ups to make friends with other married women without the planning 
  • ✔️ Free drink on arrival for Married AF Members
  • ✔️ First access and discount codes to paid events 

This Membership Is For You If...

If You...

Are married and want to be challenged to keep building a healthy marriage

And that includes married/engaged/de facto womxn who are committed to creating a relationship you both love. I am obsessed with open communication and building long-lasting love and connection, get into this space!

If You...

Want a vibey social group where you can talk about relationships openly

Where else can you ask questions about your relationship that have no straight answer on Google? Lucy and the women in the Married AF community have got your back (both virtual and in person)

if You...

Believe in paying for what you value AKA support in your marriage

At no point in your relationship have we all "made it" - there is always some new beautiful and challenging life stage around the corner and I'm gonna be right there with you through it

Meet Your Married AF Coach, Lucy Bekker

I’m kind of an expert at being in an epic marriage. But when I was younger, I put up with mediocre love, convinced that this was as good as love got for someone as broken as me. Everything changed when I learned to communicate my needs, accept the parts of me that craved a wild love, lean into my partner for exclusive emotional intimacy, and love relentlessly without holding back. I can help you do the same!


Years Married

We survived lockdowns


Years since meeting

And more in love every day


Coffees per day

Send help

A $400 value all for $25/MontH

The Married AF Memberhsip

Your marriage is invaluable. Your marriage is worth investing in. The Married AF Membership is about the price of a coffee per week but instead of coffee you get a community of women and an epic fucking marriage (and, you know, sometimes a coffee when we’re all together)

As soon as you join, you get access to the Married AF Masterclass library to help you start prioritising and strengthening your marriage

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In The Mood Unequal sexual desire in marriage Masterclass Thumbnail
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A $400 value all for $25/Month

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Get in Lucy's inner circle for the price of a coffee a week (except instead of coffee you get a community of women and an epic marriage)



The most cost effective option- save 15% when you sign up for 3 months at a time! 3 months will give you a real taste of being in the community, get value out of the Q&A sessions, plus you can catch up on masterclasses at your own pace



You're not just married, you're married as FUCK! Get into the membership for a whole year and get two months free (plus a whole lot of that infectious Lucy energy in your life)

Payment terms: There are no refunds once payment has gone through, but you can cancel your membership at any time and have access up till the end of your payment cycle!