Work 1:1 with me to prioritise your marriage

For married women who want their relationship to feel *Easy*

3 month coaching program that helps you prioritise the FUCK out of your marriage so you stop living like roommates and start building a marriage where you are both ruthlessly and relentlessly committed to meeting each others' needs and making each other feel loved every single day

In my world, marriage is EASY.

We are deliriously happy. We are ABNORMALLY happy. Instead of worrying if/when the honeymoon phase will end, we’re sitting round saying “what a great fucking life”.

And before you @ me, I don’t mean that nothing bad or difficult ever happens to us.  

I don’t mean that my husband and I never disagree or take turns having to do the dishes.

I mean that we put in the effort to MAKE it easy. 

  • We are ruthlessly and relentlessly committed to each other.
  • We prioritise ourselves and each other above everything else. 
  • We never resent each other or the people around us because we have killer energetic boundaries. 
  • We communicate openly and without ever fighting, judging, or disrespecting each other.
  • We’ve known each other for 13 years, been together for 5 and married nearly 4 years and have NEVER felt like “roommates” (in fact we are more in love every day)

And it’s not as hard as you’ve been taught to believe. 

Life is mofo short, y'all.

You can't half-ass something as important as love.

I know that YOU know that slowly turning into roommates isn’t the kind of heart thumping, stars aligning, paradigm shifting marriage you signed up for when you said “I do”.

When you prioritise your marriage, your love gets to be that good. It gets to be EASY. All the time. You become that couple that never takes their eyes off each other in a room and people wonder how you’re still so in love this many years after the honeymoon. 

You’re a hopeless romantic- and that’s kinda my speciality.

I don't what "it" is, but this is not it

"Lucy will call you out in love"

“I love that Lucy is really honest and 100% on your side to help you live your best life! She will call you out and be like girl… and it’s the love punch you needed! Because it all comes from a place of love its easier to hear!”

- Kirsten


No matter how busy you were, you still felt deeply connected and in love rather than always being stuck in daily routines

Without feeling guilty that the kids need something or that you still haven’t mowed the lawns

Because you actually have the energy and are in the mood to love up on each other instead of falling into bed exhausted 

And started communicating, letting go of the little things so that you are more relaxed with each other and living in the moment 

Work with Lucy 1:1

Married AF Coaching

3 months to re-prioritise your marriage and make it feel as easy as when you were dating so that you feel deeply connected and supported by your husband no matter how busy life gets 

When you work with me you'll get...


Lucy Bekker marriage coaching on laptop

Tough love

2 x video calls per month

Our video calls are where we get real. Real about what you want from your marriage. Real about being independently YOU while still having an incredible marriage. Real about how busy you are when really you want to spend more time with your husband. Real about what it takes to build the wild, can’t-stop-staring love. 

I don’t tolerate mediocre love- and neither will you after 3 months of: 

  • Practical support in prioritising yourself & your marriage in your schedule through 1:1 video calls
  • Coaching on how to build the *easy* love you really want & setting tangible goals to match so you can see progress 
  • Learning how to re- build intimacy and connection with your husband even when you’re busy


Lucy Bekker marriage coaching on phone

Back Pocket Coaching

Whatsapp Voice Notes

In between calls, you can send me questions via Whatsapp messenger to stay accountable to plans we make for your marriage in our calls! 

Messenger coaching in between calls is amazing for: 

  • Accountability to yourself, your marriage & the goals we set in our sessions
  • Practical steps and questions to apply throughout the week that will change your marriage long after we finish working together
  • Working through wins and challenges in real time 


Lucy bekker marriage coach toasting with drink

I've got you boo

Personal cheerleader

I am the coach that is unapologetically obsessed with love and marriage. I want you to have a marriage that makes other people jealous AND be wild and sexy and independent. I want you to be the queen of communication with your husband. I want you to believe that love can last if you put the work in to prioritise it. For 3 months (and beyond!), consider me your own personal cheerleader. I want your marriage to succeed. I want you to be wildly obsessed with your husband, your life and put your energy above everything else. 


Lucy and Carl Bekker marriage coaching

Bring your husband to work day

1 x Double date couples call (VIP)

Obviously it takes TWO happy people to have a happy marriage. As well as working on yourself and your energy and your schedule, VIP clients also get a double date call where you and your partner have a session with me and Carl where we come up with a game plan together for how you want to prioritise your marriage. 

This is your chance to: 

  • Ask questions from both perspectives (we have NO secrets, ask us anything you want to know! Money, sex, communication, date night, in laws, kids, no kids, bring it on)
  • Be completely open and honest about what you want your marriage to look like, with help to execute it from another couple that is married as FUCK 
  • Learn how we work together as a couple to prioritise our marriage

When you learn how to prioritise your marriage..

3 months from now...

You'll feel more connected to your husband

You can't be the wife and lover you want when you're tired and focusing on other things. Want that dreamy newly wed feeling? It's time to re-prioritise and reconnect! You can live in the moment together, have more fun, and feel like a couple again (not just roommates)

3 months from now...

You'll have more energy for your husband

The more you prioritise yourself and your marriage over work and other "busy" things, the more energy you will have to give to each other. You'll be able to communicate without fighting because you'll be able to let the little things go

3 months from now...

You'll feel more alive in yourself

The best side effect of prioritising your marriage and honouring your energy levels? You will feel sexier, healthier, and more connected to YOURSELF as well as in your relationship as you open yourself to deeper, more fulfilling love and experiences. Meow!

Your coffee drinking, booty shaking, love-obsessed marriage coach

I’m kind of an expert at love. I was BORN to love. I've been told my whole life that I'm kind of intense when it comes to love #scorpioseason.  

And it's because I allow myself to experience love deeply and wholeheartedly. 

I'm spiritual AND a freak. I shake my ass in dance class AND love my husband with everything I have. I love to party and travel AND build a home together. I want to help you open your capacity for love and life as well.

Everything changes when you decide to prioritise the fuck out of yourself and your marriage, say no to things that drain you, communicate what you need from your husband openly,  accept the parts of you that crave a deep, wild love, and love relentlessly without holding back.

Let me help you prioritise your husband again and build a newly wed love that other married couples are jealous of!


Years married

We survived lockdowns


Years since meeting him

And more in love everyday


dancing right now

Booty shaking coach, at your service

Your dream marriage awaits

Married AF 3 Month Coaching Program

It’s time to stop giving each other whatever scraps of energy you have left over at the end of  the day and start prioritising the fuck out of your marriage and yourselves again so that you feel connected, supported and loved in your relationship

You, me, & 3 months of putting your marriage first Again

Apply To Work With Me Now

$500nzd x 3

3 month payment plan

Support to prioritise the FUCK out of your marriage again so that you feel emotionally, mentally, sexually connected to your husband

6 x 1:1 calls
Whatsapp messenger access
3 easy monthly payments

$1300NZD x 1 (save $200)

Pay in full for 3 months

Support to prioritise the FUCK out of your marriage again so that you feel emotionally, mentally, sexually connected to your husband

6 x 1:1 calls
Whatsapp messenger access
Save $200 with pay in full!



Everything that is included in the 3 month program PLUS a double date call with you and your husband and me and my husband

6 x 1:1 calls
Whatsapp messenger access
1 x Double date call
Payment plans only on request

If you are at the point where you feel like roommates instead of lovers, getting back to that newly wed feel takes commitment. It takes prioritisation. I support you long term through drastically rearranging your schedule, focus and priorities around your marriage. We COULD just do a one-off session where I tell you what you need to do, but over 3 months I can support you to implement everything I teach as well which means it is more likely to stick long after we finish working together. This is a 3 month investment in the rest of your life together 

Yep! Easy peasy! You can either pay $500 per month for Married AF Coaching OR $587 per month for VIP (on request)

We jump on a call every two weeks (I’ve done them every week in past programs and it is a LOT, for both of us 😂 ). You can send me Whatsapp messages and voice notes as new things pop up and I answer Mon-Fri 

That’s up to you and your husband! I would probably recommend doing it closer to the beginning so you are both on the same page about what you are building together and get on the same page early (no point pushing shit up hill by yourself!). Because it involves Carl’s schedule as well you need to book this at LEAST a week in advance

I don’t mind if he comes to one or two (this is about your marriage after all!) however a lot of what we work on is you specifically so it will be good to have some space for just the two of us