Have you ever had the feeling that you are wasting your life doing things that make you unhappy?

Have you ever felt like you are paralyzed to make decisions in case you waste more time?

That is EXACTLY how my client felt before we worked together.

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you how she went from

Quiet, resigned, and resentful that she was wasting her life 


Demanding big things from the universe, asking herself what she actually needed to be happy, and eventually landing her dream job.  

Before: Quiet

She hadn’t exactly done anything “wrong” in her life up until we worked together. 

Since leaving high school she had

  • Gone to university to study something that she was naturally good at 
  • Finished her Masters 
  • Gotten a halfway decent job in her field and PAID OFF her masters 
  • Got married 
  • Moved to a beautiful new country with said husband

Sounds fine right? 

It’s not like any of that is WRONG. 

But in reality? She was SO scared that she had missed her chance at life. She knew she wanted to have kids (and soon!) but she was worried that she hadn’t “started a real career”. 

During: The Mindsets That Changed Everything

After a few sessions together, we realized that there were a few KEY limiting beliefs that were challenging her happiness.

  1. She was SO concerned that she hadn’t “used her degree” and that she owed it to (herself? her family? the universe?) to use it in a meaningful way
  2. She was scared to disappoint people, so she kept taking lower-paying jobs that she knew she couldn’t fail at (even though they frustrated her, and she wanted to be using her degree).

When you have limiting beliefs like this (where you go round in circles), you have to ask yourself: What is the truth?

The truth for her?

  • She didn’t know if she actually WANTED a job to do with her degree- she had chosen it as an 18-year-old more than 10 years earlier.
  • She also knew that her biggest calling in life was to be a mother and that it was outside influences telling her she had to “have her career sorted” before having kids.
  • The last truth was that she was being a lot harder on herself than other people. During a 1:1 deep dive session, we discovered that she was actually worried about people not liking her- not really about doing her job wrong like she thought.

After: QUEEN

After working together 1:1 and releasing her limiting beliefs about what she HAD to do with her life, everything changed.

Instead of asking whether she SHOULD do something, she started asking “Does this light me up? Will this bring me lasting satisfaction in my life?”

Instead of worrying about what other people might think if she never used her degree, she asked “Is this what I want the next few years of my life to look like?”

Instead of quietly agreeing with people, she started saying what she actually thought and felt.

And in the end? She landed her dream job, in the field she enjoyed, knowing that it was HER decision to be there (and that she could change direction at any time!).

Key things to remember: 

  • You don’t need permission to do anything 
  • Take the path of least resistance- it’s much easier to just do what you want
  • Don’t ignore the part of you that longs for more- you have one very short life and you can’t afford to waste it doing things that make you unhappy xx 
  • You can change direction at any point in time
  • You don’t need permission- not mine, not your partner’s and definitely not people whose life you don’t envy!



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