Ready to stop feeling like roommates and start feeling like an actual married couple again?

This checklist is full of simple ideas that my husband and I do every day to stay connected (and it’s NOT just telling you to “plan date night once a week”).

It will help you:

♥️ Put each other back at the top of your daily to do list

♥️ Reconnect when you’re busy and remind yourselves why you love each other

♥️ Make your marriage feel vibey, fun and full of romance

Lucy Bekker | Marriage Coach For Couples That Feel Like Roommates

Your coffee drinking, booty shaking, love-obsessed marriage coach 

I’m kind of an expert at love. I was BORN to love. I’ve been told my whole life that I’m kind of intense when it comes to love #scorpioseason.

We’ve known each other for 13+ years and never been in the “roommate” phase. 

Your whole marriage changes when you

♥️ Prioritise the f*ck out of yourself and your relationship, 

♥️ Say no to things that aren’t important to you as a couple, 

♥️ Communicate what you need from your partner openly,

♥️ Accept the parts of you that crave a deep, wild love, and

♥️ Love relentlessly without holding back

Let me help you build an *abnormally* fun, happy, EASY marriage where you are both relentlessly committed to meeting each others needs and making each other feel loved and supported every day.