Lucy Bekker, Relationship Coach


I’m kind of an expert at being in an epic marriage. The kind that people come to me for advice on.

But my ex-boyfriends before Carl might not agree. 

When I was younger, I believed I was too loud, too emotional, too overwhelming in relationships. I got told that my romantic gestures were “kind of intense”. I genuinely believed that this was as good as love got for someone as broken as me, and would convince myself that what I was happy with a frankly mediocre level of love. I used sex as a way to AVOID emotional intimacy, and I ended up cheating on just about every partner I had because I was searching for someone to meet me in the depths.

Everything changed when I learned to communicate my needs, accept the parts of me that craved a wild love, lean into my partner for exclusive emotional intimacy, and love relentlessly without holding back.

Now? I have a marriage that other people look up to.

And I’m going to help you have the same open emotional connection with your husband.

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My Relationship Coaching Is For You If…

✔️ You feel like you can’t say what you’re really thinking to your husband 

✔️  You feel like you have lost the connection you had with your husband when you first got married 

✔️  You feel like your relationship has gotten a bit flat and you are both lost in the mundane routines of everyday life 

✔️  You’re craving more open communication with your husband so that you can have tough conversations without fighting