Feeling more like roommates than a married couple?

Time to start prioritising TF out of your marriage again

Married AF Marriage Coaching For Couples

Life’s Too Short For A Mediocre Marriage

I’m Lucy -the relationship coach that helps married women craving a deeper feeling of love to re-prioritise their marriage and build long-lasting emotional intimacy with their husband. 

I went from feeling numb, disconnected and cheating in every relationship to having a deeply emotional connection with my husband and never being afraid to say what I need.

I can help you to have the same.

Married AF 3 month Coaching

You want your marriage to be the most important thing in your life and you’re craving more emotional intimacy and open communication in your marriage (AKA my super powers). Ready to stop feeling like roommates and start putting your marriage at the top of your priority list again? Let’s work together! My 3 month Married AF Coaching Program takes you from feeling like roommates stuck in routine to feeling like newly wed lovers again

Price: $666/month x3

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Pre-marriage Couples Branding session

Getting married soon? Want to start get your marriage off to the best start where you have open communication, great sex, healthy boundaries and know how to put each other first even when life gets busy? Book in a pre-marriage “Couple Branding” session with your fiancé! This will give you tools to keep the spark alive after you say I do by setting up your joint Value System as a married couple

Price: $197NZD

Book + Pay For One Off Session

Love Him But Don't Feel In Love?

It’s not that you don’t love your husband, you just don’t feel that SPARK these days. Is that just what happens after the honeymoon? You want to come back to each other and remember why you got married in the first place.

Don't Feel as connected with your husband?

You want the kind of connection you had with your husband that you used to feel as a teenager, when it was exciting and intimate and you stayed up all night talking. You want to let go of the meaningless daily tasks and just be together. 

Want Deeper Emotional Intimacy?

You just want to know what’s going on inside his head. You want to love and feel loved and be with each other like there’s no one else in the world. Screw the marriage tropes of unhappy married couples in sitcoms- your love is different. It’s magic.

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How To Have Tough Conversations With Your Husband (Without Fighting)

How To Have Tough Conversations With Your Husband (Without Fighting)

Today, I wanna answer a question that somebody sent through on my Instagram stories: "Any tips on how to handle tough conversations with your partner?" I'm gonna be going through what foundations my husband and I personally set for tough conversations and how we work...

STOP following this marriage advice if you feel disconnected

STOP following this marriage advice if you feel disconnected

You might have heard the marriage advice: “Plan a date night at least once a week for a happy marriage” Well, I want you to STOP following this marriage advice, and here’s why Pssst- you can watch this topic on YouTube as well! 👇...

Feeling disconnected from your partner? 4 ways to reconnect

Feeling disconnected from your partner? 4 ways to reconnect

Is feeling disconnected from your partner just something that happens over the years? I have absolutely zero tolerance for marriage tropes. If somebody's like, "oh, just you wait, you are gonna get sick of your husband eventually", my skin just crawls. Then you start...

Instant Access Masterclasses: Make Your Marriage Epic!

Married Money Masterclass

Sick of having the same money fights over and over again? Wish you could have more FUN with money instead of worrying about it all the time? Wish granted! Learn exactly how we stopped fighting and worrying about money and started spending it and living our dream life instead (WITHOUT having to earn more)

In The Mood Masterclass

Learn exactly what I do to keep up a hot sex life after knowing my husband for more than 14 years and practical, everyday things I do about unequal sexual desire in marriage. Meow! 

Loving Me Loving You Masterclass

In this masterclass, I’m sharing how I live in the expansive energy of being married AF AND independent AF. You will learn how to prioritise yourself, your life’s goals and your needs AND your marriage at the same time. You desires are not too much, your independent life is NOT over and you can have both!